Develop an Attractive Brand

Think of a strong brand—perhaps Nike, Apple, AT&T, or Starbucks. While you would no doubt recognize the swoosh, bitten apple, globe, or mermaid, there’s more to each of those brands than just the logo.

Apple, for example, excels at incorporating branding throughout their products and marketing, creating a memorable and effective aesthetic: modern, usable, creative, hi-tech, quality, and innovative. Compare Apple’s brand to Microsoft or Hewlett-Packard, and you can quickly see the power of branding to project a company’s core values and appeal to a target market.

Targeted business branding strategies should be the backdrop of all marketing strategies. Starting with a strong custom logo design and continuing through your printed materials, web presence, and advertising, your brand should quickly connect with customers and project the core values and mission of your company.

The First Step: Logo Design

Logos are essential for all businesses because they distinguish you from your competition. Not all logos are created equal, however. We see logos all day long, every day, yet many of them are ineffective because they fail to meet the four main purposes of a successful logo:

  • Creating an emotional response
  • Grabbing attention
  • Being memorable
  • Representing the core values of the company

A logo that fails in these areas will probably go in one eye and out the other. Consumers have a filter for logos because they see so many of them, so your logo needs to grab attention and get a response from the viewer.

Consistency in Business Branding

Once you have a strong logo design, all of your marketing materials and strategies need to be built around it. Colors, fonts, and aesthetics should stay consistent so that your customers get a clear visual message. This consistency will reinforce the emotional response you want from potential customers and demonstrate the values espoused by your company. You will also project competence and professionalism.

Design a Strong Brand with Zogo Design

When you work with Zogo Design to implement a brand, our talented logo designer in Colorado Springs will create a custom logo design that will give your business a face and represent your values. We will also put design standards in place so that all of your marketing strategies stay visually consistent:

  • logo formats
  • color codes
  • fonts

If you already have a logo or brand and want to reinvent or modernize it, we can help with that too. Contact us to set up a meeting with our creative team to see how we can help you to create a memorable brand that will connect with customers and set you apart in Colorado Springs.