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Why WordPress?

WordPress has become the leading content management system (CMS) in the world. Companies like The New York Times, CNN, Forbes, Best Buy, and UPS all harness the flexibility, ease, and power of WordPress. At Zogo Design, we have also found WordPress to be the ideal web presence solution and utilize its many strengths to provide our customers with a flexible, user-friendly platform that can meet every need and grow along with their business.

Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems are essential for nearly every website, large or small. CMSs—like WordPress, Joomla, and others—allow authorized users to add or change content to a site without a lot of technical know-how. They provide an interface where pages can be added easily, blogs updated at the push of a button, and plugins installed to add increased functionality as the need arises. They also organize all of the elements of a website so they can be easily located and modified.

Why WordPress?

While there are a number of CMSs available today, WordPress stands out. First, WordPress has a much better framework than a lot of other CMSs—like Joomla. This gives our web developers greater flexibility with the overall design and page layout of the site. Since their design is not forced into a generic template, a custom WordPress website built by Zogo Design will be attractive and effectively organized to convert customers and give your brand the strongest online presence possible while still being user-friendly on the backend.

WordPress also has the most extensive collection of plugins available, which can give your site an almost unlimited array of functions: online stores, client portals, media galleries, user forums, and much, much more. There is a vibrant community of developers, as well, who continue to improve and update WordPress and its plugins for increased usability and security. The web developers at Zogo Design can show you the power of these plugins and how they can help you to grow your business.

In addition, the user interface is simple, intuitive, and customizable. If you know how to write and send an email, you can add a page of content, post a blog, or edit copy on a WordPress website. It really is that easy. If you don’t have the time or personnel to write professional web copy, we offer web content services to clearly communicate your message and boost your search engine rankings.

In fact, WordPress works exceptionally well with search engines, meaning more exposure for your site. As your online presence grows, so does the importance of security. Again, WordPress has the best options available.

303 Webhouse Has the WordPress Solutions for Your Business

It’s true that there are a lot of cheap templates and deceptive WordPress services floating around on the Internet today. While you may get a tacitly functional website, it will be generic, cluttered, and buggy; more importantly, though, the site will be ineffective because it won’t be customized to fit you and your customers’ needs.  You don’t want your site to be hamstrung by a cheap template—your web presence is too important.

The WordPress development team at 303 Webhouse has a proven record of creating attractive, dynamic, user-friendly WordPress websites that get results. Our award winning graphic designer will accentuate your brand and hook users with custom graphics and vivid imagery. Our developers will build your site with all of the functionality you need and a customized interface to make your experience on the backend easy and efficient. Our custom WordPress sites give you everything you need to keep your content current so your site can grow with your business.

Give 303 Webhouse a call today so we can show you the WordPress solutions that will work for you.

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Customers Respond to Responsive Sites

The digital landscape is changing so fast that content producers are having a hard time keeping up. Five years ago, nearly all web browsing happened on a PC, so web developers could create one version of a site, taking into account a few minor differences in web browsers. Mobile devices have changed everything.

According to the Digital Consumer Report recently released by Nielsen, 65% of Americans now own a smartphone, and almost one third have a tablet. Many of these consumers prefer their mobile devices for web browsing and even online shopping because it is often much more convenient than sitting at a computer. For web developers, though, this has created a real challenge. Screen sizes and resolutions vary wildly as hundreds of smartphones and tablets hit the market each year, and there will continue to be new devices, like Google Glass, that will create additional challenges. It’s just not feasible to create a new version of a website for every device that gets released. So a responsive website is the only efficient way to meet this new demand.

Responsive Web Design Solutions

You’ve probably had the unpleasant experience of opening an unresponsive website on your smartphone. You have to scroll and zoom and scroll and zoom; pictures are often cut off or missing; and the menus are hard to navigate. A responsive website allows for a single custom website design to adjust to any screen size, platform, or orientation. Good responsive website design ensures that all graphics, text, and forms are organized and viewed just as easily on a smartphone or tablet as on a PC. Responsive websites look like they were designed for that specific device, which allows for a much more pleasant and productive experience for the user. There are a number of ways that this is accomplished:
•Fluid grid-based layouts
•Sliding composite images
•Flexible images
•CSS3 media queries
•Hiding less important content areas

Using these techniques in a custom website design will ensure that users see all of the important content on a site in a way that fits their screen and is easy to navigate.

SEO and SEM Friendly

A responsive website also helps your search engine optimization and marketing. Google favors mobile optimized sites when retrieving search results, especially for local services. Also, having one URL for the site means you only have to optimize one site, as opposed to two if you make a stand-alone mobile site. And since responsive websites are much more user friendly, they will keep users on the site longer, reducing the site’s bounce rate, which can have a negative effect search results.

Denver Responsive Website Design

303 Webhouse specializes in custom website design that will help customers find you and give them a hassle-free web browsing experience—whether they are on a PC, smartphone, or tablet. Our experienced web designers have created profitable responsive websites for clients all over Colorado. They can build the responsive website you need to stay competitive in the ever-changing online marketplace.

SEO Mistakes Could Be Hurting Your Bottom Line

Remember phonebooks? It wasn’t that long ago that the primary way customers found businesses was by pulling out those big yellow monstrosities and tirelessly thumbing through pages trying to figure out the difference between automotive, automotive services, and auto mechanics. Thanks to the Internet and highly effective search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, customers now look up specific keywords for any business or service from their phones and expect to get a long list of credible results, customer reviews, special offers — even detailed directions to the business. All of this in addition to the phone number and address traditionally found in the phonebook.

However, because the scope of the Internet is so vast, it is harder than ever for businesses to be found. Even if your business has the marketing budget to pay for an extensive Search Engine Marketing campaign (like Pay Per Click advertising), you still need a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

There is a lot of confusion, though, about how to best optimize a website. While there are a number of tried and true strategies, many businesses are making mistakes that are costing them valuable real estate on search engines’ results pages, which means less visibility—and less visibility means less revenue. Here are some of the most common SEO mistakes:

  1. Cheap SEO – Remember the saying, “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is”? If your SEO provider uses the keywords “cheap,” “guaranteed rankings,” or “be number one in less than one month,” run! These services can do long-term, even permanent, damage – sometimes costing tens of thousands of dollars to reverse. Do it right the first time! Also, see our recent blog post about Automated Directory Listing Services.
  2. Not having an SEO strategy — There is one sure way of not showing up on search engines; don’t try. If you aren’t proactive about SEO, a potential customer will never find you with an organic search. What’s worse, if your competitor does have a strategy, YOUR customer just became THEIR customer because they couldn’t find you online.
  3. Choosing keywords unwisely – To find the right customers, you need to make sure that the keywords they are searching are represented on your site. Keywords that are too general or too specific could be preventing customers from finding you. Finding that balance requires experience.
  4. Spamming Keywords – Once upon a time, online marketers would simply “spam” as many keywords as possible to boost search results. Search engines today are much more sophisticated, so, while keywords are still important, they shouldn’t represent more than 2% of the content on a given page.
  5. Ignoring Content – Search engines are keen to content. If your site doesn’t have quality copy or isn’t regularly updated with relevant, specific content related to your keywords, search engines will assume the site has become irrelevant or that your company has closed its doors. Has this happened to you? Did you used to show up in the search results and now you don’t? How long has it been since you’ve published a new piece of content?
  6. Not having a mobile-ready site – More than 50% of all searches are being made from a mobile device of some kind. Because screen sizes and upload speeds vary, your site needs to have a responsive layout that will display its contents appropriately and quickly on any device.

An SEO Team That Can Help

303 Webhouse has a team of SEO specialists who have in-depth knowledge of the way search engines operate and a proven record of boosting search engine results. We offer SEO for new or current sites and can even provide optimized web copy and regular blog posts to keep your content current. If your site is lost in an endless list of search results, contact us today. We can help you connect with your customers.